Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson
  1. MMath in Computer Science, Algorithms and Complexity, from the University of Waterloo
  2. BSc in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick
  3. Senior Software Engineer at Google Canada
  4. Contributor to Firebase Crashlytics


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  1. Raising Permutations to Powers In Place – ISAAC 2016
  2. Inverting Permutations In Place – MMath Thesis, UWaterloo – (slides)
  3. Bounded Space Online Bin Packing Algorithms with Good Average Case Performance – UWaterloo
  4. A Brief History of InvSqrt – BScCS Honours Thesis, UNB – (slides)


  1. Circles! – A JavaScript implementation of an elastic collision detection technique I derived for a Java project in my undergrad
  2. Email Obfuscation Tool – A JavaScript code generator to obfuscation email addresses to embed in HTML5


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